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t by the Chinese government since 2011.An e-commerce retailer based in Shenzhen is reportedly the main provider of the Japanese food from radioactive contamination regions.Nearly 20 thousand packages of cereal produced from nu▓clear radiation areas were found in one of the company

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's warehouse in Tianjin in February. The cereal products were also discovered displayed on its affiliated website. The products in question is also said to be smuggled into China.Eighteen supermarket chains in Beijing including Walmart, Carrefo▓ur have reportedly checked their shelv

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es and ▓did not find illegally imported Japanese food on sale. Seven-Eleven in Beijing announced that a▓ll the Japanese imported food had been r

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emoved.Muj▓i, however, say they are still operating normally ▓claiming that all their food is legally import▓ed and is harmless.Chinese Foreign M

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inistry spokesperson, Hua Chunying, urged the Japanese governmen▓t to give transparent and clear information about radiation leakage at the Fuk

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ushima nuclear power plant.She also called the Japanese side t▓o not harm the health of people of other ▓countries and protect maritime environm


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arch 16 (Xinhu▓a) -- Following is the full text of ▓the Report on the Work of the Government delivered by Premier Li Keqiang at the

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Fifth Session of the 12th


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People's Congre

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refecture as t he f▓ood source.A Jap anese rice product was also found in a Chinese supermark et labelle▓d as from Japan's Hokkaido in Chinese but actually o riginati▓ng from Niigata Pr efecture, which is located right within the nu clear radiation ar ea.Food from both place▓s , along with e ight other n uclear radiation affected re gions has be en banned from impor 合肥市wap 丰台区5G 单县5G 长乐市5G 东安县wap 册亨县5G 文登市wap 临江市5G 庆安县wap 祁东县5G 东城区wap 泰州市wap 平山县wap 宁化县wap 郎溪县wap 漳州市wap 锡林浩特市5G 绥芬河市5G 交口县wap 凉城县wap 传奇私服6职业版本 复古传奇私服1.76 超变态加速传奇私服 传奇私服读不出列表 传奇私服手游官网 传奇私服泡点脚本 传奇私服随身泡点脚本 传奇私服gm账号 传奇私服发布刚开一秒 手游传奇私服无限元宝